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Durco Plug Valves

Wide range of specialized alloys Durco of Cookeville TN, USA has focused on meeting the high demands of the Chemical and Petrochemical industry. Strong engineering, metallurgy and research have produced a broad range of diverse valves.

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Complete range of plug valves;
•Durco Sleeveline ®Range Non-Lubricated Plug Valves for Chemical Service.
•Durco G4 Sleeved Plug
•Durco G4Z Fire Sealed
•Durco G4BZ-HF Alkylation
•Durco G4B Marathon™
•Durco TSG4 Severe Service
•Durco Mach 1™ High Performance
•Durco G4 V-Port Control
•Durco Full Port Plug
•Durco TX3 Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
•Durco BX 2001 High Performance
•Durco BTV 2000™ Lined Butterfly
•Durco T4E Plug
•Durco T4E V-Port Plug



Durco Sleeveline ®;
•Non lubricated
• Tapered plug/PTFE sleeve primary seal
• Static/self-adjusting dynamic stem seal with the unique TM/PFA reverse lip diaphragm
• Quick thru-line seal adjustment with the valve in-line and under pressure
• Bi-directional flow
• ASME (ANSI) Class 150 and 300
• Optional 3-way
• Available with TMHT seat for high temperature services

Durco G4 Sleeved Plug
• Sizes available in 1/2″ (15mm) – 20″ (500mm)
• Large PTFE sleeve seal area offers positive shut-off and extended service life Double D plug stem accepts most standard actuation equipment. Splined shaft is used on larger sizes
• Actuator mounting pads are standard on the flanges for solid support

Durco G4Z Fire Sealed
•Stem seal consists of Grafoil packing, metal diaphragm, TM/PFA diaphragm and Grafoil gasket
•Grafoil packing rings at the stem and Grafoil gaskets at the top cap reduce atmospheric leakage to a negligible amount should fire destroy the PTFE sleeve and diaphragm
•Vented plug accommodates the forces of fluid thermal expansion

Durco G4BZ-HF Alkylation
• Stem seal consists of Grafoil packing, Monel diaphragm, PFA diaphragm and Grafoil gasket
• Grafoil packing rings at the stem and Grafoil gaskets at the top cap reduce atmospheric leakage to a negligible amount should fire destroy the PTFE sleeve and diaphragm
• Quarter-turn operation can be cost effectively actuated with rotary actuators

Durco G4B Marathon™
• Specifically designed for reliable performance in high cycle on-off or modulating services
• Fugitive emissions containment often equals that of more expensive, severe or toxic service valves
• Highly polished sealing surfaces eliminate wear and enhance seal integrity

Durco TSG4 Severe Service
• Meets/exceeds CAA fugitive emissions regulations at one-third to one-half the cost of bellows sealed valves
• Lantern rings (optional) for continuous monitoring, inert gas pad or insertion of process compatible lubricants
• Drilled and vented plug balances pressure between plug port and body cavity

Durco Mach 1™ High Performance
• In-line plug adjustment under pressure stops thru-line leakage
• Easy seat replacement with valve in-line; no special tools required
• PFA reverse lip diaphragm provides dynamic and static, self-adjusting stem seal
• Alloy diaphragm provides stem seal reinforcement

Durco G4 V-Port Control
 In addition to the features and benefits that have made Sleeveline the process industry’s premier plug valve, Flowserve offers the G4 V-Port valve for precise modulating control services. Durco G4 V-Port control valves are available in a variety of trim configurations to satisfy a user’s flow control needs.

Durco Full Port Plug
• Full round port plug valves are designed to offer low differential pressure which will result in energy savings
• Full port valves are ideal for emergency dump systems as they offer the lowest possible resistance to flow
• Tapered plug design allows re-seating of the plug in the event of excessive wear.
• In-line adjustability allows for easy maintenance.

Durco TX3 Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
• High performance triple offset butterfly valve
• Capable of zero leakage with laminated seal rings
• ASME Class 150-600, other pressure classes available
• High temperature and Cryogenic configurations upon request

Durco BX 2001 High Performance
• Large diameter, one-piece high strength shaft reduces deflection for positive, repeatable shut-off at higher ∆P than similar valves
• PolyLube® bearings or optional severe service bearings both offer low torque and high-cycle life
• Independent packing set adjustment prevents stem seal emissions

Durco BTV 2000™ Lined Butterfly
• Unequaled performance in high temperature/high cycle services

Durco T4E Plug
• Large port areas assure low pressure drop and higher Cv (Kv)
• V-port plugs available for modulating control (1 in [25 mm] thru 4 in [100 mm])
• ISO 5211 mounting pad

Durco T4E V-Port Plug
• Offers precise modulating control
• Can be used in a wide range of corrosive applications
• T4E V-port control valves are available in a wide variety of trims to satisfy the user’s exact flow control needs.
• Available with full open Cv values of 0.75 to 187 (Kv 0.65 to 161)





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