Schroeder Valves


Did you know that Pegler + Louden is the authorised UK representative and distributor for Schroeder Valves?

Schroeder ARV’s are designed to protect high value pumps, and are made to order to meet the individual demands of your application.

We can supply;

⦁ Automatic Recirculation Valves
⦁ Back Pressure Devices and Throttles
⦁ Related spare parts
⦁ Servicing works

Features and benefits of Schroeder ARV’s:

⦁ Optimum backflow preventer in the main direction when main line check valve and automatic bypass flow control are combined
⦁ Excellent defence against overheating and cavitational damage
⦁ Incredibly robust, very low-maintenance, and very dependable
⦁ Decreases downtime and boosts system effectiveness
⦁ Neither additional power sources nor measurement technology are necessary
⦁ Assuredly reduced system and operating costs
⦁ Also appropriate for pumps with variable rpm
⦁ Meet the highest safety requirements
⦁ Can be used in the toughest conditions


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